Think about your patients and what they experience when trying to contact or book an appointment with you.

Due to the personal nature of healthcare information, some patients may be hesitant to leave a message and you don’t want to miss patient calls due to poor call quality and connection issues. In times when they need dental care most, a friendly voice at the other end of the line can make the difference between a patient re-booking with your practice and finding another provider.

What is VoIP?

The phone system is your practice’s nerve center, where all vital information comes and goes. It’s your lifeline to your patients. It can also be one of your largest office expenses. That’s why, for any dentist, selecting the right phone system is critical to your practice’s success.

Voice over Internet
Protocol (VoIP)

This allows you to run your phone system over your
existing network without the need or hassle of installing
outdated copper connections.

Why VoIP?

Attracting new patients and hanging on to your current ones usually comes down to the customer experience. You create a better experience when you establish a rapport with the patient AND provide him or her with greater convenience. Here’s the kicker: you can leverage your phone system to help accomplish both.

Modern phone systems can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) software so that when patients call your practice, their history, appointments, notes, and billing information pop up on the receptionist’s screen. Saving you time and frustration looking up patient records when you are busy.

Practice Complete

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Dental ARC

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Microsoft 365

Enhance team collaboration and communication with Microsoft’s 
productivity – boosting suite.

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